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History and current focus

The University and Faculty’s history began with the founding of the Agricultural department at the Czech Technical University in Prague in 1906, by decree of the emperor Franz Joseph. Professor Stoklasa, a leading figure in agricultural sciences at that time was appointed as the first Dean. The University was established as an independent body by governmental decree on July 8th 1952. The Faculty of Agronomy, as it was known at that time, was one of three founding faculties in this new University. Since then, the Faculty has been the main center for the education and training of experts, mainly for agricultural enterprises, research, and state administrations.In this faculty there is Bachelor, Master and Doctor program which is taught in English Programme

About us

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. We provide a comprehensive forestry education system to encourage and support rational forest management and sustainable utilization of its huge natural resources. Our Faculty has become a respected international research centre. In our classes, students learn both in-depth theory and practice to be well-prepared for future challenges in forestry, wood processing industry and research. Our students are achieving almost 100% employment.

Our language and preparatory professional courses start from February. It is for the one semester course form 8.2.2017 till 13.09.17. This semester credit will be transfer in the regular studies. Student will study 228 hrs teaching period. This course will lead to the student chosen program such as Bachelor or Masters programme in English. For the regular study student need to apply for the entrance exam by 31 of March 2016 and to go for the entrance exam to become regular student from September.


Agricultural Engineering (AE) is a three year bachelor study program taught in English. The first two years of studies provide a theoretical basis in agricultural technology which enables students to undertake further studies in technical and biological sciences. The last year of studies is focused on the practical application of theoretical knowledge. The selection of undergraduate thesis allows students to specialize in a specific area of interest such as biological systems engineering. Graduates of the Agricultural Engineering study programme are qualified to solve projects related to agricultural engineering by applying modern technological systems.


The study programme is designed for BSc graduates with a strong background in technology and engineering. BSc diplomas in a field related to engineering and environment are accepted as appropriate education background. Subjects include agricultural engineering, road and urban transport, technology and equipment for waste management, technology and equipment for building constructions, trade and business in machinery and information and control technology in agrifood complexes. The programme consists mostly of compulsory subjects. The study programme delivers advanced knowledge in core engineering subjects. The acquired knowledge is complemented with basic disciplines of ecological and environmental sciences. The interdisciplinary relations between machinery and environment are also covered. In the course of their studies, students prepare their MSc thesis in the field of environmental engineering. A prerequisite for graduation is the successful passing of all required exams and the presentation and defence of a thesis. The graduates are well prepared for national and international positions in industry, civil services, business dealing with machinery, and technical development. Erasmus exchange students can enrol for one or two semesters.

December 9, 2016

Study in Czech

The Czech educational system is considered to be one of the best in the world according to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). In addition, […]
December 9, 2016

Doctor Program

Studies in the doctoral study program (DSP) are intended for university graduates who have completed their studies via the prescribed state examination in the field to […]
December 9, 2016


Transferring an official document between countries often requires some sort of authentication of its legitimacy and validity. The specific type of authentication needed depends on its purpose, […]

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Education guideline for the student to built their education careers, and we lunch summer program mainly in EU for the students and others, and we engage with other companies for the help of people high potentials careers.


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We welcome all of the student who like to study in Central Europe. This website is built for the student academic success. Students portal will help student to find good university and to find summer job and summer tour program. Students portal & Consulting regularly being enhanced and updated with students and provide them legalization process to become regular. Our guidance will help students to built their education carrier. We will try to find student cheapest tuition fees and and scholarship in European university. We will provide the best and cheap tour package for student around Europe and in Nepal as well.

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Ing. Suman BhandariI learned more in the university than I could have ever imagined. I thank CULS for the degree and I got the depth knowledge of information technology and I found the best infrastructure and also the best environment for the real student. The study about database manipulation, programming, artificial intelligence, computer security and statistical analysis was excellent. The study environment and location of the campus was best ever I found and I experience a lot of unforgettable moments while residing in the center of Europe and I’m sure that they will be valuable in my professional life as well as for my future endeavors.

Doctor Program

PhD. degree
The Doctoral (PhD) Study Programme is meant for scientific research and independent creative activities within the framework of research and development. The graduate is awarded the academic title PhD, written after his/her surname. The standard study period is 3 to 4 years. It is a follow up degree acquired after the completion of master’s study. The doctoral study highly focuses on preparing the graduates for a professional scientific career. The students take demanding doctoral examinations and defend their scientific dissertation in order to acquire the PhD. degree.PhD programmes play an integral role in the development of top-level scientists.


Legalization Process

Legalization process to study in university in Europe. It is very important to the student, it is obligatory in many university in Europe they need legalization documents for their higher education. Documents needed as fallows:- Bachelor studies program. Primary School certificate and transcript. Higher Secondary School transcript, Original provisional certificate, Primary School Credit hours, Higher Secondary School Credit hour. Master studies Programme Bachelor Study Transcript and original Provisional Certificate. PHd Studies Programme Master transcript and Diploma